Code Labs – DevFestDC 2016

Code Labs

Code Labs

DevFestDC – 2016 – Friday Sep 23 & Sat Sep 24 @ 1680 Capital One Dr, McLean, VA

Friday, September 23


Android Code Lab:

Experience working with Android Platform
Android Studio 2.2 installed
Android SDK installed with v4 and v7 support libraries
Test Android device with cable or Emulator installed and setup. (Android 4.4 and above preferred)
For the notifications part please follow  requirements as well
v7 appcompat library 23.4.0 or above (
Android N device or emulator (API 24)

TimeCode Lab - Track 1TimeCode Lab - Track 2
10:00amCode Lab - AngularJS - Vishal Deshpande & Team, Armedia -- Slides10:00amCode Lab - Material Design + Notification Enhancements in Android Nougat - Jinn Kim, Boston GDG & Sunitha Burri, AOL
1:30pmTensorFlow and Machine Learning APIs Codelab - Bret McGowen, Josh Gordon & Yufeng Guo, Google 1:30pmKotlin Codelab - Kashif Qureshi, AOL Session

Saturday, September 24

TimeDurationCode Lab - Track 1TimeDurationCode Lab - Track 2
10:00am Code-Lab - Hands-on with Kubernetes - from basic to advanced features - Ray Tsang, Google -- Slides10:00amGoogle Cloud Bigtable and Google Cloud Dataproc - SPT Krishnan
1:30pmThe Clover Platform - Using your Android skills to reach users of a whole new level - James Cha, Clover1:30pmFirebase - Martin Omander & Frank van Puffelen, Google